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A very bad experience I had at the Ispahani Centre (Nungambakam, Chennai) Marrybrown restaurant.

11th August 2008, 10:40pm, I enter the store. I was in a hurry and asked for a Burger and Finger Fries. Just as I completed the order, I got a call from a friend informing me about an emergency. I had to leave quickly.

I requested the cashier to cancel the order as I had to rush out. He had not even given the order to the kitchen, the bill was still in the printer.

Mr Krishna (he could be the store manager, i don't know) came and bused me verbally, saying i will have to wait and take what i have ordered. he claimed it will take him "3 seconds" to process the order. I explained the emergency and even then when he could not simply cancel the bill, i told him to keep the money (Rs 100) with him, and I will have to walk away without the product i paid for,

At which point Mr Krishna threw the money at me saying "I don't need you money"

Aghast I asked him if this is the way Marrybrown treats its customers. Still not apologetic, he asked me to take the money and leave.

He had thrown the money onto the table,

This is Marrybrown, which charges Rs. 52 for a veg burger, and for that one instant i thought a road-side Tea shop vendor had more customer service sense than Marrybrown.

The same Marrybrown which has as its Mission Statement: "Excellence in Customer Service: High Standards in Personnel Growth and development through Consistent Training"

Thanks Marrybrown for throwing my money at my face. Made my day. Ad thanks Mr Krishna, if I were the CEO worth my salt, 11th August would be the last day you ever worked for my company.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #42831

Ghostbuster, I guess they were really not in such a hurry as they claim.

To the *** that wrote this letter, if you were in such a hurry why did you not take the money and leave. Why did you have to question how he treated you.

I guess you really were not in a hurry at all.

How long did you complain about how you were treated? This is exactely why children your age should be with a parent at all times.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #28222

Well technically if you took back the order than you are NOT a customer. Also if you were in such a hurry why are you questioning the manager's way of treating his customers, especially if you could not wait three seconds for the order to process.

Funny how in that three seconds is too long yet when you were telling him off you did not give a hoot about three seconds. Act your age not your shoe size.

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